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Xtek TSP Gear Couplings are Chosen by Operators of All Types of Rolling Mills for Their Exceptional Strength, Smooth, Quiet Running, Easy Maintenance, and Long Life.

Each Xtek TSP Gear Coupling is Custom Designed for the Specific Application.

Xtek TSP Gearing is the Industry Leader in Designing Maximum Torque Capacity in the Smallest Possible Package.

Capable of Transmitting 30-50% More Torque than Through Hardened Gears of the Same Size, Xtek TSP Gears Outlast Ordinary Gears by Significant Margins.

Xtek’s TSP Wheels Have Been Performance Proven in Rolling Mills, Mines, Shipyards and Many Other Rugged Environments Around the World.

On Overhead Cranes, Tundish Cars and Furnace Applications, Xtek Track Wheels Typically Outlast Competative Products 20:1.

XRT 1000 Cold Reduction Mill Work Rolls Demonstrate Extremely Uniform Microstructure, Surface Hardness, and Depth of Hardness Across the Entire Face of the Roll.

XRT 1000 Rolls are Manufactured by a Precise, Computer Controlled, Closed Loop Heat Treating System That Produces Outstanding Consistency-Roll After Roll.

Xtek Sheave Wheels Surpass Ordinary Wheel Life by a Factor of 20, While Increasing Wire Rope Life 3-5 Times.
Available in Standard Sizes, Xtek Brake Wheels Resist Thermal Cracking Which Considerably Increases Their Safety, and Increases Brake Lining Life.
Heavy Duty Universal Joints for Rugged Mill Applications. Single Piece Carburized Casings, Closed Eye Yolk Design, High Alloy Bearing Components for Long Life and Low Maintenance, Multi Lip Bearing Cup Seals. These a just a few features on the Xtek Universal Joint.

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